How did Cuba get its name?

How Did Cuba Get Its Name? Prior to the founding of Cuba, George Jamison operated a store and post office, named after his wife Amanda, just west of what would later become a new town. In December of 1857, surveyors Trask and Ferguson laid out a new town just to the east of Amanda. The original town had 32 blocks and 5 streets. Jamison wanted to name the new town Amanda after his wife. However, store customers often expressed sympathy for the small island of Cuba, whose residents were fighting for their independence from Spain. Other versions of the story say, 49ers had visited the isle of Cuba and found it beautiful. Whichever version is true, when Jamison mentioned naming the new town for his wife, the name Cuba was proposed also. Legend has it that the frequenters of Jamison’s store finally cast lots for the name by throwing a stick up to fall one way or the other, with Cuba being the winner. However, in 2007, during its sesquicentennial, Cuba remembered Amanda while celebrating Amanda’s Birthday Bash. to see about Cuba and its murals visit

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